5 Ways A QR Code Is Good For Business

QR codes in graphic design

Why QR codes can help market your business

If you visit Asia, particularly China, you will see that QR codes are everywhere. They made an appearance here in the UK a few years ago but didn’t really take off and eventually faded into the background.

It is widely believed that QR codes were ahead of their time and the fact that you needed to download an App before using them, put many people off.

Nowadays most smartphone cameras come fully equipped to scan QR codes without the need to download special apps and with lots of other benefits QR codes are making a huge comeback!

5 benefits of using QR codes in graphic design

1. Direct offline users to your website quickly

If you have any kind of print media for example, brochuresflyersleaflets or posters, the addition of a QR code directing users to your website is invaluable.

Users don’t have to fire up google or type in your web address to find your website, they can simply use their smartphone camera to scan the code and  arrive at your website instantly!

2. Provide customers and clients with an easy way to access your social media pages

QR codes can be used to display all your social media information so customers and clients can find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

3. Enhance packaging

Qr codes can also be used to add another dimension to packaging. By scanning the QR code customers can find out more information about your product and you can even link the Qr code to a video providing customers with a visual portrayal of your company and products.

4. Instant contact details

Business cards are a great way to make your contact details available to potential customers/clients but wouldn’t it be better if they could just scan the details into their phones rather than hold onto the business card? A business card can easily get lost but using a QR code and allowing customers/clients to quickly and easily store your information makes sure they will be able to contact you when your products/services are required.

5. Send an email or contact form

QR codes can also be used to quickly send emails or contact information. The email address is already predetermined so users can quickly ask for more information or any questions about your product/service.

These are just 5 ways that QR codes can benefit your business but the list is endless. Qr codes can also be used to to obtain PDFs, show company locations, link to dropbox accounts, iTunes, wifi login, Paypal buy now link, event tracking, automatic payments and much more! How will you use QR codes for your business?


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