7 Reasons a Professional Logo Design is Important to Your Business

7 Reasons a Professional Logo Design is Important to Your Business

Having a professional business logo designed by a professional designer is one of the most critical tools in your product promotion toolkit. It should not be a random mark designed in Microsoft word or plucked out of thin air. It provides your business with a brand identity that takes your core values and communicates them to your target market.

If executed correctly, your company logo can effectively sell your brand to your target audience and create brand loyalty. A poor logo design will give potential customers the impression that your business is unprofessional and reflect negatively on your products/services.

At the end of this blog post you will know exactly why a professional business logo is important to your business.


Quality Logo Design Differentiates You From Your Competition

A good professional company logo is unique. There are many resources available online to get cheap or even free logo’s but they neither cater to your target market, nor are they unique. Think about it, would you spend a lot of time on something you aren’t getting paid for? A good logo takes a lot of thought and time to develop and this will be clear in the final result.


A Professional Business Logo Makes Customers Take You Seriously

Having a professional logo design reflects positively on your business by providing it with a professional image. Your logo is the face of your company and the first impression you send to your customers, so a well designed logo should be one, if not the, most important part of your business strategy . It can be one of the deciding factors when customers buy from you, if your logo lacks quality, maybe your products and services do too.

Customers look down at DIY logos


Well Thought Out Logo Design Appeals Directly to Your Target Audience

Designing for a particular segment of the market makes all the difference. A good designer considers fonts and colours. What works for a toy company will not work for a professional corporate company.


Strong Logo’s Work on All Different Kinds of Media

A professional logo design needs to be simple and versatile. It needs to be recognisable at different sizes and work on all forms of print & digital media. This is now standard practice. Take a look at the first-ever apple logo. The design loses all clarity when scaled-down, even big companies don’t get it right first time!

original apple logo


Solid, Quality, Logo Design Creates Instant Trust

If your logo design was not thought out properly and looks like you didn’t care about it, do you even care about your business or its customers? If you’re cutting corners on something as important as the face of your company, what else are you cutting corners on?

A good solid logo builds trust and can have a huge impact on your whole brand message. Trust in a company leads to brand loyalty, which is one of the most sought-after accolades within business. Brand loyalty means your customers will buy from you again and again and also convince their friends and family to do the same which is called brand advocacy.


A Great Logo Creates Brand Recognition

A good professional logo design makes your company memorable. Customers can identify you by your logo alone. It can convey your brand values and help form your brand identity. A poorly designed logo can make you memorable too but for all the wrong reasons!

Badly designed logo
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It Increases Return On Investment

You enhance your chances of business growth by using a good professional, high quality logo. You increase your marketing efforts and widen their reach by providing a strong first impression on all printed material and marketing collateral, which in turn boosts sales.

The average hourly rate for a graphic designer in the UK is £25. If someone charges less than £100 for a logo design, they typically spent 4 hours or less on the design. As far as I am concerned, this is nowhere near enough time to gather concepts, research your competition, create sketches and develop a unique concept.

A well-designed logo needs time to develop, it will represent your company, so it must communicate the right message for your target customerIt can be damaging to invest so little on a logo as you take the risk of receiving a design that is not original and used by many other companies.

If the logo is cheap, it could be clipart or even stolen off the web leaving you liable for copyright infringement.


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