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Web design is important for businesses who want customers to take them seriously.

Your web site provides customers with their first impression of your business. It is a known fact that potential customers will judge your business in the first few seconds based on the landing page alone,  you need to make sure your web site provides them with a positive image.

If your website looks poorly designed and outdated, this will give off  a negative impression of your business. They won’t stay on the page and will jump straight off the site, this will increase your bounce rate which will also have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. Having a poorly designed website will have them running off to find your competitors.

Web design is extremely important because it can dictate how your audience perceives your brand. Good web design in Armthorpe will help you keep your customers on your web site and ultimately persuade them to contact you.

Top Benefits of Good Web Design

The following checklist will help you to understand why good web design in Armthorpe is so important:

  1. It creates a professional image in the mind of your customer.
  2. It helps customers to be able to find you on the SERPS (search engine results pages)
  3. Good web design keeps customers engaged and keeps them on your website ultimately helping you rank higher in Google.
  4. It builds trust with your target audience. If you have a professionally, quality designed website,  it gives the impression that you sell professional, quality products and services.
  5. A website should also be responsive, with most people now accessing the web via mobile devices, it is vital that your web site is optimised for them to read it properly. 
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