Bawtry Plastics Logo Design

Great stories don’t always need words. A good logo designed with the right elements can help to  tell your brand’s story and what it represents.

Client Design Request :

A logo to represent a new company and DIY store in Bawtry.

Bawtry Plastics Ltd is a brand new company supplying Linear plastic products that are environmentally friendly to trades people, home owners and landlords. The logo needed to portray the fact that these products were eco friendly and if possible link back to the Linear Company.

The Logo Design Solution

After some research, I came across an article on Bawtry and the origins of the name. It seems the name is thought to have originated from “ball” and “tree” meaning the place at the ball shaped tree. I thought this would be a great idea to include this in the logo somehow as trees symbolise growth (a new company) and nature (eco friendly).
I used the T of Bawtry to represent the trunk and similar leaves to the one used in the linear logo (as a link back) to create the ball shape and form an abstract recycle icon.
The sans serif font was chosen as it’s clean and modern which again represents the products the company will be selling.
Bawtry Plastics Logo design
From start to finish Drina helped and made sure that my ideas of what I wanted were made to look professional and eye catching I fully recommend using Drina and will happily use again for any updates we may need.
David Bodman - Bawtry plastics Ltd
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