Exhibition Design

Exhibition design is the process of displaying information through visual storytelling.

Client Design Request :

Design an exhibition stand that stands out from the crowd.

The brief was to design an exhibition stand for the Automechanika exhibition in Birmingham. The corrugated packaging company wanted a stand that stood out amongst its competitors and attracted customers.


exhibition design

Exhibition Design Solution

To stay consistent with the brand the stand needed to have elements of blue. Unfortunately blue seems to be a popular choice with companies and every other stand would probably be in the same colours so something extra was needed to stand out from the crowd.
As it was a corrugated packaging company it felt natural that the exhibition stand should be made out of corrugated cardboard,  the stand would draw the eye as it was very different from the normal sea of blue and it would also show the products on offer and other creative ways to use cardboard. As there is only a short space of time to grab customers attention, there was no illusion as to what the company exhibiting provided.
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