Email Signature Banner

Why do you need an email signature banner?

An email banner advertisement is an effective way to communicate your news to customers without directly using email to do this.

People instantly switch off when they think they are being sold something, so what better way to let them know your news than an email banner that can quickly catch their attention and allow them to digest important information in an instant.

Email is a necessary medium when contacting customers and you can capitalise on it by placing an eye catching email banner ad underneath your signature. The client will read the email concerning current work related content but won’t fail to notice the banner ad at the end of the email.

Add a call to action and see an uptake in customer calls or visitors to your website!

eye catching product advertisement

What kind of things can you announce in an email banner ad?


Product Launch

You are launching a new product and you want to inform new and existing customers of this product, then an email banner ad can effectively communicate this in an instant.


You would like to advertise your services or perhaps you have a product that the customer already has and you want to attach service to it, let the customer know in a banner ad what is available.

Email marketing banner example


You are attending a trade show or an awards show, wouldn’t it be great if you could let customers/clients know without physically emailing them directly?


You won the awards show! Wouldn’t it great if you could let your customer know how good you are in your industry category?

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