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Leaflets are a great way to get you noticed. They can help to create a strong visual impression to attract potential clients and are perfect for introducing your products and services to your customers.

Although leaflets and flyers can be very similar in appearance, leaflets are usually used to inform your target audience with information about your company and its products or services. Flyers normally contain advertising material such as offers and promotions and can also be used to advertise upcoming events. 

Leaflets often contain more than one page and can also be folded to create a half fold, trifold and z fold. They can be used to display information for a variety of different businesses including beauty salons, hair salons, pet groomers and home improvement services.

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You may be tempted to create your own leaflets but this can have the opposite effect of what you wanted to achieve in the first place as customers will judge your company based on the leaflet you create.  Whether you need a leaflet or a flyer I can provide both the design and print and you can have them delivered direct to your door


Leaflets will vary in price depending on the design, size and paper thickness you require.

As an example a standard A5 single sided leaflet on 150 gsm silk paper would cost approximately £80 for design and print of 100 including delivery.



This is a classic type of fold, where the sheet of paper is folded once in the middle. An example of this would be folding an A4 piece of paper in half to create an A5 folded leaflet. This is also sometimes known as a single fold or bifold leaflet.


Also known as a roll fold, this type of leaflet is where each page folds in on itself.  This type of leaflet is often used as a menu for takeaway food or cafe’s as well as treatment information leaflets for beauty and hair salons.


A z fold leaflet opens out to form one long document allowing information to continue onto the next page without breaking it up. If it has more than 6 pages it can resemble a fan or an accordion. It is also known as a concertina leaflet.
Beauty Salon leaflet design
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