Do you need a new logo design for your startup or are you thinking about rebranding and having a logo refresh?

If you’ve already visited a few Doncaster based websites or contacted a few local graphic designers and enquired about their graphic design services, you’re most likely confused about the huge variation in prices of graphic design services offered. In Doncaster, a logo design could cost you anywhere from £50 to £4000!

How much does a logo design cost?

Bear in mind that the average hourly rate for a graphic designer in the UK is approximately £25.  This figure gives you an idea as to how much work is going into your new company’s brand image. If a local graphic designer is charging you below £100 for logo design services in Doncaster, they are spending 4 hours or less on the design. In my opinion, this is nowhere near enough time to carry out the full creative process of gathering inspiration, researching competitors, creating sketches and coming up with a unique concept.

A good high quality professional design needs time to develop, it will be the face of your business so it is important that it is executed correctly and tested at different sizes for legibility. 

If the price quoted is very cheap, it could even be a clipart design or just ripped off from the internet and as a result YOU WOULD BE LIABLE FOR COPYRIGHT VIOLATION NOT THE DESIGNER.

I charge £275 to design a logo whether it’s a completely new design or a logo re-design for an existing brand, this includes the business stationery design package(business card design, compliment slip design and letterhead design). Two revisions are included in the price and digital artwork can be provided in a variety of formats if required. Please click the following link to see my other LOGO DESIGN PACKAGES.

Please click on the images below to see case studies of previous logo design work and check out the Bodyflight/Twinwoods Adventure rebranding as well as the fantastic review I received from their marketing manager.

How to Choose a Reputable Designer

Getting your new business up and running can be quite a stressful journey and finding a logo designer that’s a great fit for you and your company is half the battle when creating a new brand identity.  Here are a few things that you need to look out for when you’re looking for a logo designer.

  1.  Make sure you look through the designers portfolio and any case studies they may have. This can tell you a lot about the processes they use. Research & development are very important and by doing research, it means they’re looking at your industry,  your audience and your competitors to create a logo which is the perfect fit for you.

2.  Ask the designer how they are providing the files, are they in vector format? Without getting too technical, vector format means that your design can be rescaled to any size without losing resolution or quality. Believe it or not, there are still logo designers who create designs and provide raster graphics, e.g  jpeg images,  as the solution. You will run into real problems when you want to enlarge the logo. If you can think of a time when you have tried to enlarge a photo and it has lost all detail and gone all blurry, this is what will happen to your logo if it’s created as a jpeg. So make sure when you’re speaking to your designer that files are provided in a vector file format.

3.  Your logo should also be simple as well as versatile. There are times where you will be limited to just one or two colours for things like promotional marketing materials, if your logo relies on fancy gradients, fine small details or drop shadows you may just end up with just a messy blob.

4.  Very few logos are just graphical marks with no text at all so the chances are you’re going to need to use a font to create your text. Professional, reputable designers will use licensed fonts, but by using very cheap designers you could run the risk of being sued down the line, for using an unlicensed font in your logo or marketing materials. Always check with your designer whether they have the license for the font they use in your logo. Your logo should be provided with the text outlined and uneditable,  if you need the font used in your logo at a later date for something else, your designer can tell you which one they’ve used so that you can buy the license and avoid copyright issues.

5.  Your logo should also be flexible. For example, on Facebook the profile picture for your company is square. It’s not great if you have a horizontal logo and need to put it into a square box,  edges are chopped off so the whole logo can’t be seen or it is squashed to fit and is virtually unreadable. Most designers will provide your logo in different ways but not all do so make sure when you’re looking for a local designer that you check they can supply your logo to display legibly in social media.

6.  At some point you’ll probably want to advertise your company in a magazine, newspaper or other form of print media so you’ll need to give your logo to another designer or a company and provide them with brand guidelines* of how your logo should be used. Your designer can provide you with these guidelines for you to pass on in the future. They will state the minimum size that your logo should be, the fonts that are used and colours which should be used to represent your logo. These are important as they will  prevent people messing around with that logo and changing fonts and colours to suit their own purpose. Your logo needs to appear consist across all branding.

*A brand style guide can be provided on request to help create your company brand identity, so you can keep your brand consistent across all print and digital marketing promotional materials. Your brand identity contains the visible elements of your brand, creating brand awareness, giving your company credibility and making it memorable and recognisable in the mind of your existing and prospective clients. My logo design services also include small scale logos provided in jpeg format so you can use them on social media profiles. 

If you don’t have a website or feel that your existing website could do with a complete re-design, I also provide website design services.  Please take a look to see examples of high quality website designs I have created.

I also provide graphic design services for all other types of marketing collateral including professional brochure design, exhibition design, flyer design, poster design, web design, short video production and many more.

* One page brand guideline sheet costs an extra £50 and includes logo variation and placement, font choices for titles and body and colour scheme for your brand.

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