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There are many elements to good poster design that many non designers fail to execute correctly.

Posters should be readable from a distance so the text needs to be large enough and there’s no truer statement than LESS IS MORE when it comes to poster design. Many people try to cram as much information on there as possible and it is my job, as a designer, to advise you as to what needs to be on there to grab attention and inspire a call to action.

Your poster should have an attention grabbing headline, an aesthetically pleasing colour scheme that is also consistent with your brand.

You might feel that using online poster templates will be more cost effective, but this is often a misconception. They can really limit your creativity, cause frustration and, in fact, cost you more money by taking up too much of your valuable time. 


Poster designed for a doncaster care company

Visual hierarchy is extremely important when creating posters, it guides your reader through the information and tells them where to look on the page.

Take a look at this poster design to give an example of how visual hierarchy works.

See how the text is laid out to command attention and watch how your eye follows the instructions.


Posters come in lots of different sizes ranging from A4 right through to A0, anything less than that would be considered a flyer or a leaflet. The price will vary depending on the complexity of the design, the size of the poster and the paper thickness or finish you require.

As an example a simple A4 poster, on 120 gsm silk paper would cost approximately £110 for design and print of 25 posters, including delivery. 

This poster design shows the importance of visual hierarchy

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