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Although today the internet and social media ads are fast becoming the more traditional platforms for advertising, print ads are still very relevant. 

Some of the most memorable advertising campaigns have used a variety of different media to create integrated marketing campaigns that use both online and offline methods including print ads.  

Print ads allow you to specifically target your audience as you can choose to run ads in certain speciality magazines or only in local newspapers that deliver to specific geographic locations in your area. People have more trust in print, statistics show that more readers trust newspaper ads as opposed to online ones.  

Print ads are a great way to persuade people to take an action. Whether that is to get them to visit your store, drive traffic to your website or give you a call.

A5 Print Ad designed for The Eagle & Child in Auckley
Print ad design doncaster

To be successful, print ads must be designed with the customer/client in mind, addressing their pain points and pointing out the benefits of your product or service and why they should choose you. Together with a consistent brand image, these ads will help you to stand out from your competition, be at the forefront of customers minds and allow your company to be instantly recognisable.  


Print ads come in many different sizes ranging from tiny text based ads through to quarter-page, half-page and full-page ads.As a ball park figure, the design for an A6 size print ad would be approximately £45.

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