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With over 98% of digital consumers using social media per month, social media ads are a sure-fire way to reach your target audience. 

Social media ads are probably the quickest way to accumulate a return on investment in the digital arena. Social media and content marketing can be really effective but it is time-consuming and it also takes time to realise its effectiveness, whereas social media advertising can achieve sales, traffic or engagement immediately.

To be successful with social media ads, you need to quickly stop a customer or clients attention whilst they are scrolling through their newsfeed. This can done by way of an offer, event promotion, product or service promotion, a giveaway or just to access more information in the form of a whitepaper or ebook.

Effective social media ads can be graphic or video based. 

Social Media Graphics Image
Social media graphic for care company


Social media ads work differently and target different audiences depending on the platform you are using. 

Facebook is great for Whitepapers, ebooks, coupons, discounts, offers and is popular amongst all ages although the 18-64 demographic is the most prevalent.

Instagram is more popular with the 18-29 range and slightly more toward females and minorities. It’s also highly visual so is great for selling products and services that are visually appealing.

Twitter reports that 60% of its users purchase from a small business and its reported to be an under-utilised advertising platform so this is an ideal platform for small businesses to advertise. There is a character limit of 280 characters on Twitter so the image becomes more important.

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