Inspire Social Media Campaign

Your social media channels when utilised correctly,ย  can be an effective way to increase brand awareness, generate sales and create a genuine relationship with your audience.

Client Design Request :

A Social Media Campaign with supporting images to bring awareness to Inspire and dementia care services.

Inspire wanted to increase brand awareness and highlight the care they provided for those that were living with dementia on Facebook as well as boost their presence in search engines.ย 

Social Media Campaign Solution

I decided that I would create a long form blog post targeting relevant keywords to give Inspire a boost in the search engines. The SEO optimised blog post was compiled using research to provide useful, engaging content to their target audience. This info was then deconstructed and snippets were used on Social Media to generate engagement and awareness. Facebook insights were analysed to determine when their audience were online and most likely to engage.


Here is a link to the blog post: Click here

inspire social media16

Social Media Campaign Results

Facebook are making it difficult for local businesses to advertise for free, almost forcing them down the paid advertising route, and for that reason Facebook page organic reach is now at an all time low with many businesses reporting substantially reduced reach.
It is now more important than ever to make sure the right content is used in order to get maximum exposure.
When embarking on a new campaign with a new company (with no previous analytics), itโ€™s a little difficult to know exactly what is connecting with their audienceย  after just once month but the results were encouraging nonetheless.
Posting relevant content on Facebook every weekday had widened Inspire’s reach exponentially.
KPIโ€™s to take away:
Page reach was up by 585%
Post Reach was up by 584%
Post Engagement was up by 1,724%
In a nutshell this was a very successful social media campaign with 2,794 more people seeing their Facebook page content than in the previous month. Unlike print ads in local newspapers/magazines, on social media, you can measure how many people looked at your content.

It is important to take a look at Social Media analytics regularly so you can see what works and what doesnโ€™t and accurately measure social media efforts. Social media is all about brand awareness and should people need to use their services or know someone that does,ย 
consistently posting on social media will ensure Inspire will be at the forefront of their minds if and when the need arises.ย 
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