Appointment card design - Doncaster

Bradsroom is an established unisex hair studio based in Scawsby, Doncaster. The client wanted a new appointment card designed and printed as well as a gift certificate. They had an existing appointment card that contained generic fonts and other than the black & white colour scheme, there was no consistency with other elements of the brand, including the logo.

appointment card design Doncaster
Doncaster appointment card design
gift certificate design doncaster

Client request: “An appointment card and gift certificate consistent with the brand”.

Appointment card and gift certificate solution

Bradsroom had just had a new website designed so I used the same colours to maintain brand consistency. Brand consistency is very important and the same message should be applied across all customer touch points, including visual design. The correct logo was added and a clean modern legible font was applied to the body copy, this should be used in all future designs. The script font was used to add personality and warmth and to create an aesthetic contrast.

The block pattern was used taking inspiration from the same pattern that adorns the glass furniture within the hair studio and the purple colour used on the website was used as an accent colour and to highlight important aspects of the design and draw attention to them, including the 10% off discount offer.

If you’re interested in creating an appointment card for your business or even a gift certificate or voucher, just
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