Brand Storytelling

Why is a logo so important?

Your logo is the face of your brand, it introduces your company to the world,  so it is important that your logo reflects everything that your brand is about.

From your brand values, to the feelings you want to evoke in people when they think about your brand, a good logo will encompass all of this whilst telling your brand story and it’s a way to differentiate your company in a crowded marketplace.

Unfortunately many businesses try to cut costs by using logo creation software or cheap crowd-sourcing websites to acquire a logo.

This type of design only ends up costing the business more money when they realise their logo is neither bespoke nor a true reflection of their company.

No one is going to take the time or effort to come up with a bespoke logo that may or may not be chosen, all you will receive is a logo created with no thought to your brand using something similar to clipart, or even worse, ripped off from some other poor unsuspecting designer.

This then throws up the legal costs of copyright infringement, not to mention the costs of producing new print media when you have to change your logo and get it done properly.

A good logo takes time to evolve. Many processes have to be followed including in-depth research, exploration, development and refinement and only then will you have a logo that clearly and effectively communicates your brand story.