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Clearview Logo Design

Clearview are a company who create, inspire and remodel your way of thinking about business, they go back to basics and ask the important questions. Clients  turn to them for lean strategies, team and business analysis as well as time and task management etc.

The client already had an idea of what he wanted the logo to look like so I created it based on his ideas.

Brand values of the company are: Ownership, Clarity, Integrity, Honesty and Simplicity.

Logo designed for Clearview Analyst company

Client request: “I would like the logo designed as a head made up of post it notes, like a collage, to represent the head full of ideas that I can help the business formulate and design a series of plans.

Logo Design Solution

The logo designed represents the collection of post-it notes that represent the clients ideas with a connotation of ‘fragments of data’.
The face of the logo was created using the actual side profile of the clients head to make it more personal.

Blue was chosen to represent the brand values of clarity, integrity & honesty. Green represents the growth as a company as well as how Clearview will grow other companies and the red, orange and yellow represent creativity (ideas) and passion. The san serif fonts were chosen for their simplicity and modern/clean feeling.

If you’re interested in having a logo designed, just drop me a message here and I’d be more than happy to help 🙂