Commit Digital Logo Design

The logo design brief:

Design a simple logo, not too fussy. Break away from the typical software style corporate logo to a more organic Etsy-ish style. Create a fusion between tech and natural and also incorporate the fact we are ethical and care about the environment.

Client request: “A simple logo that creates a fusion between tech and natural.”.

Solution: The concept was created taking the ‘commit’ icon used in GIT flow diagrams in computer programming as inspiration.

To create a fusion between natural and tech as well as including the eco friendly approach to business, the commit icon was given a hand drawn style and this flowed around the business name to make it look more organic and reinforce the fact that the company are hand coders. Two further lines were added to the commit flow to display the power of three and make it more aesthetically pleasing which  really makes it stand out without being too busy.

A green circular shape was added to the inside of the commit icon to represent the earth and the fact the company are environmentally friendly. It also appears above the lowercase i so is in effect ‘dotting’ the i which represents that the company are meticulous and pay attention to detail. The font was chosen to bring a modern clean element to the design whilst effectively highlighting the words ‘commit’ and ‘digital’.

A secondary logo was created which takes the commit icon from the main logo and uses it independently with the text. This would be used when space is minimal for example on social media profiles.

commit digital Logo Design
Commit Digital secondary logo

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