Cura-Care Logo design

Cure-Care Provides support to vulnerable people to enable them to live more independently, to achieve good outcomes and enhance their lifestyle in a way which allows them to feel valued in society.

Brand values include:
Honest, Reliable, Professional  & Reassuring

Client request: “to symbolise the feeling of emerging strength – from weak to powerful– but with calmness, kindness and patience – seeing the light in the darkness with the help of Cura Care!”


The logo was designed as an abstract version of the Dandelion flower. It is considered as a symbol of fighting through the challenges of life and emerging victorious on the other side.
It is also often seen as a visual reminder of the sun’s power, especially when depression or grief makes it hard to stay sunny.
There is also the belief that blowing out the white ball of seeds that the flowers turns into will grant you one wish and some people use it as a reminder to use intelligence in dealing with every kind of situation.
I felt that the dandelion and its symbolism really represented the help and support that the company will provide to vulnerable people. 
One petal stands proud of the others (as a dandelion seed from the dandelion clock flies away) and symbolises the freedom from whatever obstacle has been in the way.
The bright colours of the dandelion represent a rainbow to symbolise that the storm is over and the sunshine is breaking through…