Social Media Ad Campaign - The ME Project

The ME Project is an informative talking project for young people who are experiencing mental health issues. It is centred around Managing Emotions for children and young adults.

The Me Project wanted to run an awareness campaign on social media to let potential clients know who they supported and what services they could provide.

A set of 10 social media ads were created to perform alongside video footage and information posts to really hit home as to what The Me Project was all about.

The social media ads needed to grab attention and stop the user scrolling whilst supporting text on the social media posts would reinforce the message and link to The Me project website.

The subjects surrounding the campaign were:

Suicidal thoughts, Depression ,Eating disorder, Agoraphboia, Panic attacks, OCD, School phobia, Social phobia, Self harm and Substance abuse.

If you’re interested in creating a social media campaign, just
drop me a message here  or click on the chat icon below, I’d be more than happy to help 🙂

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