Smokey's Grill Logo Design

Your logo is the face of your company and  determines how it is recognised and remembered among others. 

Client Design Request :

A new simple, bold logo to replace our existing one.

Smokey’s is a 3rd generation family-owned restaurant and takeaway business serving a variety of grilled meats, seafood and pizza. They already had an existing logo but wanted something more unique,  bold and modern in the colours grey & teal with an urban vibe to reflect the quality service and food they served and appeal to their target market.

The Logo Design Solution

Keeping their customers in mind, the logo was designed in a an urban style to come across as fun, friendly and bold.
The bold, sans serif font was chosen and then customised to give a unique quality (representing their food, that added personal touch). 
The “E” part of the name consists of 3 tiers, this represents the family aspect of the business and the fact that there have been 3 generations in the fast food business. The “E” also doubles up as an abstract burger and could be used independently to represent their brand on social media where space is limited. 
The word grill appears underneath but on an angle (not uniform), to add more interest to the logo and strengthen the fact that they are not like other fast food companies. The word grill and the “E” have been given the same colour to link them together “family & fast food”. 
smokey's grill logo design
Research suggested that the colours orange/red/yellow actually stimulate the appetite (there’s a reason most fast food companies have red logo’s) and that blue is actually supposed to curb the appetite, so the yellow colour was used predominently with an accent of blue teal.
Drina designed a logo for us. We were really pleased with the quality of her work and the professionalism throughout the project. Highly recommended.
Zulfikar Pekin - Smokey's Grill
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