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Why social media graphics should be an important part of your marketing plan.

It will probably come as no surprise for you to learn that images on social media receive over 100% more clicks than text alone. When viewing a text based ad, people will only retain about 10-20% of what is written but replace the text with an image based ad and that figure jumps to nearly 65%!

Social media banner ads are a great way to turn your leads into customers!

It’s no secret that social media algorithms prioritise content based on the amount of tweets/likes/shares, so using good quality professional images allows more chance of your content being seen.

What can you use a social media banner ad for?

Special Offers

As with the above example you can use social media banner ads to let customers know about special offers available on your products and services. These grab the eye quickly and if the offer is attractive enough, users can easily share the image with their connections.

Brand Awareness

Using your social media accounts to create brand awareness is a great way to get your brand seen. Always displaying your logo whilst keeping your brand colours and typography consistent will strengthen your brand. Customers will begin to recognise your brand simply from your graphic imagery. Use images with tips which can relate to your product and show customers what benefit your product/service can bring to them.


Competitions are a great way to create brand awareness and engage and reward your existing and potential consumers. Unfortunately the competition for attention is extremely high in the social world, so it’s easy for yours to disappear under the huge pile of competitions and giveaway opportunities already out there. A great way to attract immediate attention to competitions is by using graphic imagery. Whilst existing and potential customers are aimlessly scrolling through their busy newsfeed, you can instantly attract their attention by enticing them with professional, attractive images.


If you’re social media content fails to hit the spot, why not invest in some graphic social media ads or video ads to really catch your buyers attention!

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