The ME Project Logo Design

A good logo grabs attention and makes a strong first impression.

Client Design Request :

A logo design that is fresh and appealing to the younger generation.

 The Me Project in Doncaster

The ME Project is a support programme run by Cura-Care, that focusses on improving the mental health of Under 19 year olds.
Cura-Care wanted a completely separate logo to give The ME Project its own brand identity but still be connected to Cura-Care.
The target audience were children and young adults so the logo needed to be fresh and appealing to the younger generation.

Me Project Logo Design in Doncaster

Logo Design Solution

The logo was designed to promote happiness and a healthy mind by representing an abstract version of the brain/mind. The brush stroke painted effect was inspired by the ‘Mind’ charity logo where calmness comes out of confusion (flowing, calm ‘ME’ text) . The colours were used to represent happiness and link back to the Cura-Care logo. The fun personal hand-written style fonts were used to appeal to the target audience.


Drina has to be the most intuitive designer around… she takes your ideas…adds her own creativity & insight and methodically produces something magic and meaningful..
Kathryn Bell, The ME Project
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