The ME Project Website Design

Good website design  should have a clear message, be easy to navigate and contain a simple call to action.

Client Design Request :

An informative website that followed brand consistency and connected with their target market.

The ME Project based in Doncaster offers support to young children and adults who are experiencing mental health issues.
Additionally, The ME Project offers help and advice for parents/carers, schools and professionals.

The client wanted a website that reflected the design of their branding and provided information for three target markets, Parents, Professionals and Children/Young Adults.

They also wanted the addition of a news page so they could update it themselves and continuously add content which will also help their search engine presence.

To see the website live please click here:

the me project website design

If you’re interested in having a website designed, just drop me a message here and I’d be more than happy to help 🙂

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