Twinwoods Adventure Rebrand

Your audience will change over time as your product or service evolves. Rebranding can help you to reach out and connect with new audiences where the old logo failed to relate to them. 

Client Design Request :

A rebrand - we need to get across how important the Urban/Industrial, adrenaline aspect of the centre is.

With over 100,000 visitors a year, the Bodyflight company were expanding their facilities so they no longer wished to have the name ‘Bodyflight’ in their title. They required a complete rebrand so needed a new logo design with the new title ‘Twinwoods Adventure’. The facilities available at Bodyflight are:
  • Flying – Indoor skydiving using a wind tunnel
  • Surfing – Flowrider indoor surfing
  • Climbing – Indoor climbing wall
  • Racing – Racehouse, the indoor driving simulation centre
  • Jumping – Bodyflight Vertigo power fan jump.
Twinwoods also has as a health club, restaurant and children’s soft play area. Brand Values: Unique Quality Experiences, Family Orientated, Exciting, Adventurous, Inventive, Industrial, Urban, Creative, and Thrilling. Click here to visit the website

The Logo Design Solution

Twinwoods is an action-packed venue so it was important that the logo reflected that. It needed to show movement whilst telling the story of Twinwoods history.

The logo was designed with an urban vibe to provide a fresh new look that catered to the target audience.

As a former RAF base and home to the largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel, the logo was designed to emulate a propeller to pay homage to the air force connection as well as resembling the flat spin that the wind tunnel was built to combat.

Each part of the ‘propeller’ represents activities that Twinwoods provides:

Air, Water, Fire & Earth

twinwoods adventure logo
She understood the idea we were trying to convey and created a logo that was, not only brilliant as it stood but it encompassed several elements that could be used in their own right to represent the different activities we had on site, or all together to demonstrate the variety of adventures to be held under one roof.
Jessica Boothroyd - Twinwoods Asdventure, Bedford
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